VNX Series Gateway

Simple. Efficient. Powerful.

VNX Series Gateways: High-performing network-attached storage (NAS) with unsurpassed simplicity, efficiency, and record-breaking file system performance. With the VNX Series Gateways, you’ll add scalable file access to existing VNX storage platforms.


Manage up to 1.8 PB of usable file system storage across four back-end arrays—Symmetrix, VNX series, and/or CLARiiON.


Optimized for virtual applications with VMware, Hyper-V integration. Gain full visibility of resources with both Unisphere and the server virtualization console.


With fully automated storage tiering with virtual pools (FAST VP) and set-it-and-forget-it policies, you’ll optimize data on ultra-performance Flash, high-performance, and high capacity drives.


Scale file system and block storage independently to meet specific business requirements. Achieve record-breaking file system performance.



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Gain a simple, integrated experience for managing VNX, CLARiiON, and Celerra storage systems.

Cloud Tiering Appliance
Move inactive data to lower-cost storage tiers and the cloud to optimize and lower the total cost of ownership of your NAS infrastructure.

VNX Replicator
Achieve protection with point-in-time network-attached storage (NAS) file system copies on remote sites for disaster recovery and test/development.

Automate application-consistent copies of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Oracle for assured recovery. Alert for recovery gaps and prove protection policy compliance.